Nova Film

In our series of showcasing our network of partners, meet today Nova Film, who help us demonstrate the PixMob experience with their thrilling videos.

Name of the Company
Nova Film
Quebec City, Canada
Number of employees
12 full-time and 15 freelancers
  • Branded content videos
  • Advertising
  • Motion design

François Lallier


Nova Film is a video production company that was founded eight years ago. Led by creatives, the company’s focus is to push its boundaries with every project. They share the values and the innovative thinking of every client they work with: Red Bull, Bell, Lg2, Cossette, PixMob, just to name a few. In 2013, Nova Film was shortlisted for the Cannes Lions, was awarded a One Show merit and three gold Marketing Awards.



Demo Reel

Projects with PixMob

About PixMob

“Creative” and “innovative”, these are the two key words that link our companies together. We like to work on off beaten path projects and create what has never been done before.

François Lallier

Website: www.novafilm.ca


PixMob drives Sensation Into the Wild

After illuminating the Heineken Moments for the famous beer brand on the Sensation tour in Asia last year, PixMob worked directly with the organization of the world’s biggest EDM event for their “Into the Wild” tour, to light up the whole night and amplify the crowd experience.

Welcome to the jungle

Sensation is a unique indoor electronic dance music event organized by ID&T that started in Amsterdam in 2000. The show stayed in the Netherlands for 5 years before touring around the world. At these unique events, every attendee dresses in white and parties with some of world’s biggest DJs. Pyrotechnics, fountains, dancers, lasers and LED wristbands create an immersive, interactive and unforgettable experience.

Their new show “Into the Wild” is based on the primal instincts of the animal kingdom. The jungle is a metaphor for a night of clubbing, where men search, hunt and catch their prey. After hunting comes the feast of victory, the climax of the Sensation show. Sexy dancers writhe and move to the music. Vertical lasers create visual effects, and CO2 shoots out from the catwalk.



Behind the scenes


This show was designed over the course of one year. Sensation’s installation crew consists of 300 workers that have only 10 days to install the set before a show. A 350m long inflatable snake is rigged above the audience, lit up, and brought to life.
LED wristbands create a wow effect

Every attendee of Sensation is given a white wristband upon entering the show. Each wristband contains wireless LEDs that light up in sync with the music and special effects. The bracelets connect people through light: everyone holds a digital flame, reinventing fire rituals to bring us all into the wild.

Similar to a TV remote, the wristbands are controlled by infrared light. People literally become the show, as each PixMob device becomes a pixel, transforming the crowd into a human canvas of light.


Post event movie