PixMob as a brand activation tool : case study of the Heineken Moment

In 2013, Heineken, Massive Music and PixMob developed the Heineken Moment, an innovative take on brand experience. During five events sponsored by the brand, each participant was given an LED wristband that lit up together, turning the vast crowd into a green ocean.

  • Lollapalooza, Brazil
  • Star Club, The Netherlands
  • Sensation, Taiwan
  • Sensation, Korea
  • Sensation, Thailand

Heineken goals

As the sponsor of these events, Heineken wanted more than just a logo on flyers and ticketing. They wanted to share the stage with the world’s most famous DJs, and enhance the crowd’s experience.

The solution

To make the audience part of the show, each clubber was given a LED wristband at the entrance. They were not told what it was for, and were just asked to put it on. At the climax of the night, the DJ set off the Heineken Moment’s special tune and all the wristbands lit up at once, immersing the crowd in an ocean of green lights, the iconic Heineken colour. Thousands of enthusiastic hands in the air made for an epic social brand experience that resonated well beyond the venue walls.


The challenge

For the brand activation, PixMob faced the challenge of a target audience that were fans of EDM, but not necessarily the Heineken brand. Thus, we needed a solution that was original, engaging and organic. The wristband activation proved to be exactly that.


Collaboration with Massive Music

Massive Music is the music agency for Heineken International. Heineken’s music strategy is all about involving the audience to create unexpected social experiences. For this partnership, Massive Music teamed up with PixMob to develop this brand activation that would turn Sensation fans into Heineken fans by entertaining them. The Dutch music team produced a special dance version of the brand’s music campaign title track.


The viral aspect

Thousands of fans captured these Heineken moments on their cellular phones and shared them with their friends across the world. The three Sensation events on their own achieved over 500,000 mentions on blogs and a 150% increase in Heineken Facebook fans. The Sensation brand activation gave Heineken more than its money’s worth. € 19.4 million worth of PR value, sponsorship awareness of 74% and a sponsorship return on investment of € 26 million, made this partnership impactful on every level for both Heineken and the audience.


Lollapalooza’s Heineken Moment was shortlisted for The Brand Building Award. PixMob’s team was a big part of it, couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you!Renata Da Silva, Project Manager

The wristbands made the evening very special and were highly appreciated by the visitors. Innovative, they connected everyone together.Pascal Stolk, Heineken Netherlands