The evolution of PixMob: from Microsoft Kinect to Oprah Winfrey

In 2010, Cirque du Soleil contracted PixMob to create an unforgettable experience at the occasion of the Kinect launch for Microsoft. It was the debut of PixMob, the technology that transforms people into pixels, crowds into displays. Since then, the technology has been deployed at 250 shows worldwide, and is continually being adapted to meet the entertainment industry’s rapidly-changing requirements. Recent innovations include PixMob VIDEO – used at the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show and Sochi Winter Games – and a new version of the PixMob wristband which integrates RFID, facilitating more spectacular visual effects and more interactive events.

Milestones of a success story

June 2010 : Debut of PixMob at Microsoft Kinect Launch with Cirque du Soleil


For this very first show, PixMob created LED Ponchos that were handed to 3000 selected participants. The ponchos lit up in sync with the Cirque du Soleil visuals effects – this was the basic version of the PixMob technology. Working like a TV remote, PixMob controls the wearable LED devices using infrared light to create multicolour effects. Transmitters send information to the LED receivers embedded in the ponchos or any other object via infrared, lighting up the LED on command. This technology allows global, grouped or individual effects, in monochromatic (PixMob LITE) or RGB (PixMob PRO).

February 2014 : launch of PixMob VIDEO

At the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show, as well as two weeks later at the Sochi Winter Games, PixMob unveiled a new and particularly mesmerizing version of its technology, PixMob VIDEO. This patented groundbreaking technique allows the real-time transmission of colour information onto any number of mobile pixels at hundreds of thousands of individual locations up to 300 meters away. Thanks to the precision of the signals, it is possible to project moving images, creating a video screen on a crowd. The resolution is low (80,000 pixels in the case of the Super Bowl), but high enough to create a logo on the audience or project images of a band playing live.


September 2014: Launch of PixMob + RFID


The following spring, when Oprah’s team approached PixMob to provide a more intense experience for her tour’s participants, involving sponsors, we partnered with Thuzi to include an RFID chip in our LED wristbands. Thanks to this chip, visitors could post content to social networks, win prizes such as upgraded seats, get product information, “Like” a product on Facebook, interact with sponsor activations and much more. Once at the show, the same wristbands lit up in sync with the thought idols speeches to create another kind of experience, a collective euphoria.

What is PixMob technology about :

With PixMob, every single crowd-member plays a role in the visual effects, taking the show into the audience and creating a deeply engaging experience for all. Adapted to any kind of event – live music, sports or corporate meetings – PixMob is an immersive concept that leverages the show experience. Being a mere spectator is not enough anymore: audiences want to participate, be part of the show and instantly share their experiences with the outside world.


Improving the visuals with PixMob VIDEO

Reflecting the initial vision and purpose of PixMob, PixMob VIDEO was born from a desire to provide richer and more sophisticated visuals.

PixMob’s creative engineers and technicians figured that if projecting moving pictures to a cinema screen is possible, the same technology could be harnessed to project data as invisible light. That’s how the technology was born, and so far has amplified the Super Bowl Halftime show, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Games, and an unbelievable night at Hakkasan with Tiësto.

Improving the event experience with RFID

Event producers are seeking to leverage the experience of attendees and increase their return on investment. In response to our clients needs, we have integrated RFID chips to our wristbands, making it possible to connect participants with sponsors and artists, and enhance the event experience.


Since its debut in 2010, the magic of PixMob has created unforgettable experiences for 2 million people,  in 25 countries over 4 continents. By making it spectacular, memorable and viral, PixMob has risen to success.