Komaden: Visual Engineering. Beyond Imagination!

We’re glad to introduce today Komaden, our partner in Japan.

Name of the Company
Komaden Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees
Providing total solutions for entertainment design, including concept development, art direction, planning, design & supervision, engineering & system design, installation management, and operations to produce spaces for television, staging, events, tours, theme parks, and public spaces.





Projects with PixMob

Multiple ongoing projects using PixMob technologies in creative ways. Komaden is both a client and technical collaborator of PixMob in Japan.

About PixMob

It’s always a great pleasure to collaborate with PixMob. They are reliable team and take prompt actions. Lots of fun working and exchanging creative ideas with them.

by Komaden, Project Planning & Development Department


Website: komaden.co.jp


Interview with the Director of the University of Michigan Marching Band

Every year, the University of Michigan football team plays one-night game, called Under the Lights. This year, their marching band called on PixMob to add some magic to their halftime show. Band director John D. Pasquale answered some questions to help us get to know these innovative musicians.


John D. Pasquale
Associate Director of Bands
Director, Michigan Marching Athletic Bands
Donald R. Shepherd Chair in Conducting

What is the history of the UMichigan Marching Band?

In the finest tradition of 19th-century Americana, the origin of the Michigan Marching Band was a grass roots student effort. In November 1896, the University of Michigan Band held its first rehearsal. At the behest of University President James Burrill Angell that the newly-formed band prove itself to be a “sincere venture,” the University of Michigan Band gave its first public performance in 1897 at old University Hall for the Law School’s annual observance of Washington’s birthday. The first appearance on a football field was in the fall of 1898.This year, the Marching band just finished their 117th season.


What is the mission of the UMichigan Marching Band?

The mission of the MMB is three fold: to provide our students with the best experience possible, to support the University of Michigan’s football team and to support the University of Michigan, it’s alumni and fans through excellence in performance and setting new standards with exciting, creative and innovative halftime shows


How many people are in the UMichigan Marching Band team?

The staff of the MMB has 31 people, and for the 2014-15 season, we had 391 students playing in the band.


How do you recruit them?

Recruiting for the MMB takes place in many forms: direct, targeted recruiting for specific students; large-scale recruiting through the band directors around the United States; personal connections to current students in the MMB; and an aggressive social media presence.


Who composes/arranges the band’s music?

The music is arranged by Dr. Scott Boerma (former Director of the MMB) and John Stout. The drill (pictures and movement on the field) was written by Michael Gaines.  These three are the best in the business!!!


How often do you practice?

We practice daily (Monday-Friday) for 90 minutes each day.


Why did you choose PixMob for your team’s annual night game?

We chose PixMob because of it’s reputation, creativity, professionalism and flawless execution.  The concept has never been done on a football field with a marching band and we constantly look for new ways to incorporate the latest technology into our performances.  PixMob was the logical choice.


What did it add to your performance?

PixMob was the visual component of the show; it added an unprecedented interactive element unique to the genre of marching and pageantry arts.


How did the crowd react to the light show?

As is heard on the video, the crowd went crazy!  In fact, they are still talking about it.  This show was a defining moment in the MMB’s history.



More info about the project : click here 

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