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A new inspiring environment to redesign the future

To go with the company fast growth, PixMob decided to move into brand new offices in the Montreal Fashion District. This loft of 11,000 square feet was customized to stimulate creativity for the team and create a comfy, inspiring working environment that will help the company reinvent technologies to enhance crowd experience for the future.To achieve this transformation, we called Jean de Lessard to run this ambitious project.

Jean de Lessard is an architect laureate who won numerous prizes around the world and is one of the world’s forerunners in the development of creativity for individuals and groups in the corporate sector.

We interviewed him to understand his vision of PixMob and his thoughts on the project.

Jean de Lessard


What did PixMob ask you to achieve in this project?

PixMob’s wish was to redefine this huge open space with several closed offices but keeping dynamic spaces at the same time. They didn’t want a usual office but something original and vibrant. PixMob works with lights in a night setting like nightclubs and concerts; they wanted an environment that could reflect that. I wanted the place to be a club, a workshop and an office all at the same time.


Could you present your work on this project?

On this project, and for budget constraints, we decided to use the shell of the building as is.

The building was separated in two spaces, the front and the back. We used existing openings and created new ones within the original brick walls to improve the flow from one space to the other. With those big spaces, we tried to create a group synergy where the information is shared easily. For the area to be dynamic, we broke up the space by adding sculptural monoliths, which are multiple conference rooms.



How did you come with this design idea, where did you get your inspiration from?

I was inspired by PixMob, specifically by their functionality and vibe. I asked many questions about their feelings, DNA and drive so I can bring the company’s identity to this space. I tried to make those monoliths vibrate with the sound when they have a party – like the sound and light vibrations during their shows.


What were the challenges you had to face to achieve this work?

As in many projects, budget is always a challenge. But the other obstacle was to make so many people fit in this space. With the double height of the building, we created two mezzanines to gain further square footage.


Special thanks to Jean de Lessard for the interview and his work on the project.