Ready, Set, Shine: How PixMob Creates Magical Pre-Game Jitters

PixMob has lit sporting events on several continents. No matter the different country and culture, there is always something very distinct and spectacular about a sports game. There is a universal language that all athletes and sports fans speak. It makes the energy at the game something truly special. This energy is amplified and becomes magical when PixMob is involved.


As a sports fan, you step into the stands with a predisposition for excitement. You are anxious to see your favourite team play, and are prepared to cheer at the top of your lungs. You see all of the other fans wearing the color and gear of your team and the excitement mounts. You feel an instant solidarity with everyone in the stands who is also cheering for your team. You see the opposing team’s fans and instantly feel competitive but also grateful they are there to antagonize you. You are ready to engage with them and build that ever so unique atmosphere that you only come across at sports gatherings with die-hard fans filling the bleachers.


As the sound of the whistle approaches and the pre-game entertainment is underway your pre-game jitters are at their peak. This is when the mysterious bracelet you were handed upon entering the stadium lights up. Just as you are amazed that the bracelet lights up, you realize the entire stadium is sparkling with flashing lights. You are in awe. You begin to scream, cheering louder than ever before, smile stuck across your face. The wristbands change color and the stadium shines in your team’s colours. Their logo even floats across the stadium; the bracelets have turned the attendees into a human screen.


This feeling is irreplaceable to any sports fan. The culture of feverously watching sports matches is not something new. We want to cheer our team on because we love to make them feel supported. These gatherings are an opportunity for people to come together in a simple, transparent fashion. We forget all motives except our love for our team. The energy that connects us to everyone else in the stand is a pure and sincere one.


PixMob is pivotal in creating this energy. The effects that our products create magnify this energy and connect crowds in a way that is otherwise not possible, especially in such large venues. Fans are united, stronger in their encouragement. The vastness of the stands is no longer impersonalizing. Rather it is a bright, unifying net that contains and propels the energy from the players and fans.


Best of all, PixMob leaves you with a souvenir that you can bring home. You can hold onto that energy that made you so giddy, and relive the magic at home.



Pixmob 2

Work Hard Play Hard: Diaries of a New PixMob Team Member

When you start a new job you hope to make an impression – a good one. When I started working at PixMob, it seemed the roles were reversed. PixMob made a huge impression on me in my first week of work.

Let me explain. I started this July, as the company’s new Studio Coordinator. The company is growing at the speed of light, and this position was created to respond to its needs. Explained simply, my role is to tie up loose ends, both administratively and in terms of the day to day upkeep of the offices. I support all departments at PixMob and ensure they have what they need for things to run smoothly.

20150902_115847 (1)Katherine Morielli – Studio Coordinator 

I arrived shortly after the company moved to our new, custom-made offices. These were still being perfected when I started. This was a cool experience because it made me feel right away like I was participating, with my coworkers, in the building of our new home. PixMob is a very community oriented company, and this is one of the ways that spirit is reflected. I was greeted with open arms by the most friendly, outgoing, and connected staff I have ever worked with. It didn’t take much to make me feel like I was in the right place.

PixMob goes above and beyond what a company normally provides and make employees feel like family. I was given tickets to see one of my favourite artists (who we are working with) perform on only my second day on the job! We also have our very own social committee, who organizes regular social events that allow us to come together as a staff. For example, we had a Fun Fair Housewarming BBQ soon after the move.

PixMob Team_2PixMob Team_1PixMob Team_3

After all this, I think that what I am most impressed by is the size of the projects that PixMob undertakes. I stepped into a company that seems to be growing exponentially. With big ventures like the Pan Am opening ceremonies and so many other super exiting confidential projects, PixMob is not lacking in ambition. It can be tough to keep up with this fast paced growth, but PixMob’s creative team does not lag. I am amazed by the energy and innovation of the team. Our Research and Development department is constantly working towards astonishing and barrier breaking products.

I am touched to see that all of this growth, innovation, and creativity, are truly fuelled by the coming together of individual ideas. Everyone seems to be in exactly the right place so that his or her talent can be expressed. This synergy is used to build ideas together, across all departments. This concept is fundamental to the way that PixMob works and is what makes it so magical.

After two months of working with this dynamic company, I can say that I feel right at home, but also constantly challenged. This team pushes you to surpass yourself every day. I am lucky to be here, and exited to grow with this wonderful team.