PixMob does Light Painting; a How-to Guide for a Little Extra Spark this Holiday Season

PixMob does Light Painting; a How-to Guide for a Little Extra Spark this Holiday SeasonPixMob Light Painting

The team got together last month to prepare for the holiday season. First step: create personalized PixMob holiday cards. Since it’s the first holiday season with our new team in our customized offices, we wanted our cards to be extra special this year. So, the team huddled up in our black box one November night and created our very own light painting workshop with the help of our new SPARK app! You want to try it at home? Follow our step-by-step!

What you need:

Digital camera with manual settings
PixMob SPARK app (we used it because we wanted to play around with the changing colours)
PixMob SPARK bracelets (or any other source of light – a small flashlight will also work)
Black box with a black backdrop or any other dark setting (it does not have to be completely dark, you can play around with interesting backgrounds if you’d like)
Photo editing software


1. Set up the space. We started by moving a few things around in the Black box to make sure we had ample space and a large black backdrop to do the light painting up against. Once this was done, we placed the camera on a tripod, making sure we had a good angle to capture the light painting.

2. Set up the PixMob SPARK app. We got a box of our new SPARK bracelets and pulled the tabs to activate them. Then we tested them out with the SPARK app.


3. Test run. First, you’ll need to adjust the settings on your camera. ISO, F-stop, and Shutter Speed settings will be important for this workshop. The ISO must be set low, at 100 for example, to reduce the “noise” in your pictures. Set your F-stop down to f/8 or f/10; this will allow you to get more depth of field and use longer shutter speeds. Once your settings are locked in, take a few shots and experiment with different shutter speeds! We tried different forms and movement sequences to see what the outcome would look like and how the shutter speed would influence the final pictures. Here are a few shots!


4. The real deal. Once we were satisfied with our camera settings, we got started with drawing our letters. We drew one letter per shot and, in order to make the letters as uniform as possible, we had more than one person drawing each letter. For example, it took three people to draw the “H”: one person per vertical line, with a third drawing the horizontal line. Our first attempts were a little lopsided. It’s harder than you think to draw straight lines in the air!


5. We played around with different techniques to get those letters nice and straight. This part was a lot of fun because we also got to play around with the new SPARK app! We tried different effects, varying amounts of bracelets, and changing colours to see the different outcomes.

6. The collage. Finally, our graphic designer chose the best shots and created a photomontage. You can play around with the results a bit for different effects. For example, we lightened the backdrop a bit to make a silhouette stand out.

7. The final result…


Try it out! It’s a great way to add a little light and creativity to those winter nights!